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VOCs and Window Treatments: How to Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy

That new car smell is exhilarating when you buy a new set of wheels. But it could also be risky for your health, because it’s a symptom your car is releasing harmful fumes.

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are let off by synthetic materials like paints and finishes. They can lead to headaches, respiratory issues and joint discomfort. In a few examples, they can even cause cancer.

Flooring, furniture and even window treatments in your home can emit VOCs, tainting your indoor air and making you feel ill. That’s why it’s crucial to select products that are good for your family and the environment.

When it’s time for new window treatments, Louver Shop of Pittsburgh is here to help. All our custom shutters, blinds and shades are developed here in the United States from top quality materials and fabrics. You can see samples for yourself during a free consultation, where you’ll receive seasoned design advice, also at no cost.

Here are a few things to know when you’re hunting for new window treatments, as well as a few of the best nontoxic styles.

Consider Where the Window Treatments Are Manufactured

Consider the regulations where your window treatments are developed. In the United States, the EPA governs VOCs in consumer products. If your window treatments are developed overseas, regulations could be more relaxed or nonexistent.

Louver Shop of Pittsburgh creates our plantation shutters in Georgia and finishes them with exclusive paints or stains. These nontoxic stains are safe for the environment and water based.

As the name suggests, water-based paints and stains use water alongside their pigments. Due to this, they expend little to no VOCs. The finishes we use at Louver Shop of Pittsburgh go beyond standards enforced by the Air Quality Management District and the Ozone Transport Commission.

Window Treatment Material is Crucial

If you’re vulnerable to VOCs, selecting the best window treatment material makes a large difference.

Wood and Other Natural Materials

We provide several real-wood solutions for window treatments: plantation shutters, horizontal blinds and shades. Our plantation shutters are made from the highest-quality wood you can find, furniture-grade basswood or poplar. And, as we mentioned before, they’re finished with nontoxic, low VOC paints or stains.

If you want the appearance of plantation shutters at a more affordable price point, there’s horizontal wood blinds from Hunter Douglas. This basswood is gathered sustainably managed forests, and each purchase supports the Arbor Day Foundation®.

Looking for shades instead? Provenance® Woven Wood Shades are made from natural fibers like wood, bamboo, grasses and reeds to grant your home a special look. Choose from styles like Roman, waterfall Roman and vertical drapery. And then customize by adding valances, edge banding or a light-filtering liner.

At Louver Shop of Pittsburgh, we have plenty of outstanding options that won’t adversely affect your household’s health. From a free consultation where you can see all your options to expert design assistance at no cost, we are here to benefit you. Contact us at 888-428-1415 now to set up your free consultation.