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Make Your House More Gorgeous with These 5 Best Living Room Window Treatments

Your living room should be a vibrant, inviting space that makes a statement about the rest of your house. You might pay more attention to your furniture when minor things, like window treatments, are just as necessary.

The large assortment of shutters, blinds and shades may appear overwhelming initially, but Louver Shop of Pittsburgh is here to provide support. Our design pros will go over all the options with you during a no-obligation, free consultation. We’ll compare colors and styles until we find the right statement for your residence.

To help you begin the process, here are several of our favorite best window treatments for living rooms.

1. Plantation Shutters

You may think plantation shutters are too traditional for your up-to-date house. But there’s a reason these shutters are one of our most popular options. They offer a sophisticated look that enhances any home. Not only can they make your living room feel airier, plantation shutters provide outstanding light filtering and energy efficiency. This helps your house be more comfortable while keeping energy bills low.

Since Louver Shop of Pittsburgh custom manufactures our shutters to match your one-of-a-kind house, you can choose the material, color, stain and more. We make our shutters here in the U.S. from furniture-quality wood and superior polymers. You’ll be able to use them on tall living room windows without any warping.

2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds, like panel track blinds, are a sleek look for floor-to-ceiling windows. These lavishly textured panels are very adaptable and can be customized in a large number of colors, fabrics and opacities.

Selecting an automated operating system like PowerView™ makes it even easier to open and close your blinds. With a tap of your smartphone, you’ll be able to move them aside for the greatest amount of light. Or draw them to fully show off their gorgeous texture.

3. Sheer Shades

If you’re seeking detailed light control, sheer shades are a clear choice above the rest. They intuitively deliver the softness of curtains and the usefulness of blinds, all in a single window treatment. Offered in horizontal and vertical styles, these shades have adjustable vanes that are fixed between two fabrics that you can select. The vanes can be rotated to change the amount of sunshine entering the space. Whether you are looking for strong contrast or a welcoming glow, sheer shade treatments give you all the control.

4. Honeycomb Shades

Our honeycomb shades are a smart choice for homeowners who want energy efficiency without sacrificing style. These soft fabric shades are also called cellular shades for their single-, double- or triple-cell construction. The cells are designed to hold on to a layer of air between the shades and your windows. This enhances the energy efficiency of any room they’re placed in.

Honeycomb shades are also great at decreasing the amount of light and noise infiltrating your home. Your living room will turn into an oasis of comfort and peace with these shades.

5. Roller and Solar Shades

When you are looking for a minimalist appearance, roller and solar shades will be at home in your living room. These eye-catching shades come in hundreds of fabrics, so you’ll be able to find one that works with the rest of your living room’s design.

Roller and solar shades are a great option when you don’t want a lot of maintenance. They’re crafted from a single sheet of fabric, so they’re simple to clean and use. By choosing PowerView automation, you can make raising and lowering them even simpler. You’ll be able to raise, lower and even schedule your shades to move with your web-enabled device.

Louver Shop of Pittsburgh Makes It Easy to Choose the Right Custom Window Treatment

So, with so many great styles, you might be thinking about what you should pick. That depends on your own taste and budget. To make your decision much faster Louver Shop of Pittsburgh will pair you with a local design professional during your free consultation. You’ll be able to see samples of window treatments, as well as go over extra features you’re interested in. All at no cost or obligation.

At Louver Shop of Pittsburgh, we’ve been updating houses like yours regularly for some time. We’re confident we can help you select the best window treatment for your house, so get in touch with us at 888-428-1415 to schedule your free consultation right away!