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4 Top Window Treatments to Show Off Your Bay Windows

Bay windows are a stunning way to highlight your Pittsburgh residence’s architectural features. With included seating and a broad view of scenery, they can be an appealing place to meet with your household while enjoying a meal or great book.

When you’re due to replace your window treatments, bay windows may seem complicated to cover on account of their size and shape. You’ll also need to take into account how much sunshine the windows get, and how much light filtering or privacy you desire.

By collaborating with a window treatment pro like Louver Shop of Pittsburgh, you’ll learn just how fast it is to make a custom solution for your home. We’ll discuss all the possibilities during your free consultation. You’ll get access to expert advice under zero pressure or obligation to buy.

With the proper window treatments, bay windows can be a beautiful centerpiece in your house. Here are our designers’ top choices for best window treatments for bay windows.

1. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are as versatile as they are durable. These energy-saving window treatments can be installed in practically every room and window in your home. With exclusive models from Louver Shop of Pittsburgh, you’ll enjoy trouble-free performance for a long time.

When creating custom shutters with us, you’ll be able to choose materials to best complement your home. If your bay windows are in a shaded spot in your house, furniture-grade basswood is a timeless selection. If your windows get a lot of sunshine or heat, our modern synthetic LouverWood® shutters provide outstanding insulating effectiveness without cracking or drooping.

Whichever material you select, you’ll be able to customize your paint or stain, louver size, frame model and more.

2. Sheer Shades

With a broad selection of styles, colors and extra improvements to select from, custom shades are one of the most versatile window treatments for bay windows.

If your bay windows are part of your living room, you may be trying to offset privacy with allowing in daylight. Sheer shades are an excellent option as the fabric offers some privacy while converting strong daylight into a welcoming glow. You’ll also have a broad view of your beautiful yard.

Silhouette® shades go the extra mile, offering you the flexibility of blinds with the convenience of a shade. It has adjustable vanes sandwiched between two sheer panels. You’ll be able to customize the width of these vanes, as well as pick from a wide variety of fabrics.

Silhouette can be customized with ClearView™, which makes the most of your gorgeous outdoor view, and Duolite®, which comes with an integrated room-darkening roller shade. Make them quicker to use by adding a smart operating system, which allows you to move your shades from your smartphone.

3. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades provide comparable light-filtering capabilities to sheer shades, but enhanced energy efficiency. This makes them a great solution for bay windows, no matter where they’re installed in your residence.

Honeycomb shades have pockets that catch air at the windows, which are your residence’s main source of energy loss. This keeps indoor temperatures regulated and you cozier, which may help reduce your utility bills.

4. Blinds

If you love the style of plantation shutters but have a limited budget, blinds are a good option. Plantation blinds use bigger louvers, similar to plantation shutters, and can be customized in 100% wood or polymer styles.

If your bay windows get a lot of sunshine, our specialists recommend polymer as it can take on sun and extreme temperatures without cracking or bending. If your windows are in a cooler location and you want the most classic appearance, real wood is the best choice.

With custom blinds from Louver Shop of Pittsburgh, you’ll be able to choose from a complete assortment of paints, stains and cordless operating systems. This includes PowerView™, which gives you the option to manage your blinds with your smartphone or tablet.

Create Your Bay Window Treatments with Knowledgeable Help from Louver Shop of Pittsburgh

At Louver Shop of Pittsburgh, we make it easy to pick and customize window treatments for your bay windows. From your free consultation to professional installation, you’ll receive skilled assistance from a local designer from start to finish. And since we manufacture all our shutters, shades and blinds here in the U.S., you’ll also be enjoying them much faster.

We’ve been updating homes like yours daily for a long time. Prepared to find out just how stunning your bay windows can be with modern window treatments? Reach us at 888-428-1415 to schedule your free consultation right away!